We have 2 primary NEEDS:

Equipment and Volunteers



Our primary mission is to collect new and used mobility equipment such as:Child in front of house

  1. Wheelchairs (any condition)
  2. Power Wheelchairs
  3. Power Scooters
  4. Walkers
  5. Canes
  6. Crutches
  7. Immobilizers
  8. Wheelchair parts (even miscellaneous without matching piece such as armrests)

**NOTE** wheelchairs and power scooters may be in disrepair or non-operating condition. All equipment is refurbished by a team of experienced technicians in Guatemala.

In addition, there are other items we need your help collecting:

  • Kid’s BLACK dress shoes – (Child size 7 and under) (new or used)
  • Kid’s regular shoes – (Child size 7 and under) (new or used)
  • Backpacks (new or used)
  • School supplies (notebooks, pencils, pens, crayons, etc.)

If you have any equipment or supplies you would like to donate, please contact us.

Pickup truck

Volunteer using truck to collect equipment from local nursing home



We need your help!


Group of VolunteersDonate time

Because we are a “network” of volunteers, we rely completely on people who are willing to give their time, helping in their local communities.

People from all age ranges have volunteered to be a part of our network.  Many times people who are retired ask, “How can I help others in my local area?”  What better way to use your time and resources than to volunteer for the disabled in Guatemala.  Maybe you are part of a service organization that could host community service projects.  Whether you live in a large city or small farming community, there are always opportunities to find much-needed equipment that can be used in Guatemala.

What about me?

You might be asking, “How can I help?”  Here are some ways we have seen people already make a difference:

  1. Call local nursing homes, hospitals and medical supply companies to see if they have equipment to donate.
  2. Volunteer to drive your pickup truck and collect equipment.
  3. Allow a portion of your business, garage or basement to be used as a short-term storage location until it can be shipped to Guatemala.
  4. Volunteer your personal time or service organization (such as Girl Scouts, 4H, Rotary) to help collect, sort, inventory or package donations.

Truck load of chairs

Donate funds

In addition to physical help, we also need help through financial donations.  While the supplies are typically donated for free, they must still be shipped to Guatemala.  Your donation can help offset the cost associated with the shipping container, taxes and Guatemalan customs fees.  The total fee for a container with 200 wheelchairs is typically around $5,000.  Please consider donating to On His Path to help offset these fees.  All donations are tax-deductible.  Click to learn more about donating.





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