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You never know……..

You never know……………

Last weekend in Louisville,  it was great seeing old friends,  meeting new friends, and loading a container of wheelchairs.  It was a fun (but busy) weekend!

When we finished loading, we said our goodbyes and headed back to Iowa.  (still wearing our “got wheelchairs” and “Mission: Mobilty” t-shirts).

20140922_114946It was late,  we were tired and need a break to eat.  So,  we stopped by Long John Silvers in Hannibal, Missouri for a healthy, nutritious meal!?

Long_John_Silvers_r470x260It was great…Annette’s “got wheelchairs”  shirt initiated a conversation!   The reader (the night manager)  wanted to know what it meant.    Exactly  Brad’s vision:   the shirt’s question engaging the reader!

As we left the establishment,  walking in the dark to our car in the parking lot,  the drive-up window swung open and the night manager leaned out and said….”HEY, I KNOW A GUY WHO HAS 3 WHEELCHAIRS and my buddy runs a home healthcare business”.    We walked up to the drive-up (as he leaned out) and visited more about the ministry.  He was happy to receive a handful of brochures.  He wanted to hand them out to the local churches and other places.

20140612_102018-1Nice work on the shirt idea Brad!

Will this materialize into some equipment that will Bless someone in Guatemala?

You never know……(But God does!)

Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord….


PS.    If you would like to join us in spreading the word about Mission: Mobility,   we have brochures,  shirts and hats available.

Contact us if you are interested.   email:





Louisville Container – September 22, 2014

Louisville Container Loading – September 22, 2014

What a weekend!

Annette and I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Louisville, Kentucky this weekend. Chris and Donna Mooney from Bethel Ministries International in Guatemala were in town to speak at local supporting churches.  (Bethel is the ministry that Mission: Mobility provides equipment to)  The weekend was filled with wonderful fellowship.  Thanks to Brad and Holly Clark for hosting us, and the Mooneys.   It was great to spend time with these dear friends!

The weekend was filled with gatherings and events so Louisville folks could interact with the Mooneys.    The crescendo to our awesome weekend was Monday morning.   Brad is a cornerstone of Mission:  Mobility!!  He finally had enough equipment collected to send a container.  No stranger to wheelchair collection,  in years past,  Brad had sent 2 containers.  This was his first as a part of Mission: Mobility.  This load was a compilation of equipment that was collected by many of the Mission: Mobility team.  Murray, Kentucky and Jacksonville, Florida teams both contributed a significant number of chairs and other equipment to the load!   Nice teamwork everyone!882336_768706649814492_6581483567376094719_o

some of the Jacksonville team

10649609_10152777703079703_8332399063474240422_n (1)some of the Murray Team 

When sitting around the breakfast table Monday morning,  I shared a scripture I had just read.  

Proverbs 19:21  

Many are a plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.

We all discussed the scripture,  wondering what significance it could have regarding OUR plans for the morning.  We soon found out.

20140922_071328The container was originally scheduled to arrive at 9 am.    We received a call from Emily at On His Path saying that the container dispatch called and said it was not coming until Tuesday.  UGH!   Cool heads prevailed.  In his smooth talking ways,  Brad called the dispatch and the container arrived around 10:30!   We were finished loading by 11:30!





20140922_114053It was great to have the Mooney’s in town to be a part of the loading of a container!   They are always on the receiving end.

20140922_113957-1David Shutt, Scott Gibson, Scott Graves, Annette, Rick, Holly, Brad

Many thanks to the entire crew!  All were veterans from past Bethel Mission trips.  John Forshner and Scott Graves were there.  I had met them on the January 2013  J127 men’s mission trip to Tecpan Guatemala.  (     It was AWESOME  to see them again!   David Shutt was there smiling the whole time. David and his wife Carol have recently formed Open Door Ministries, a non-profit to support Bethel!    We are also humbled to note that they also are partnered with Mission: Mobility in getting the word out on our equipment collections!

10615351_10204950530665827_5028996241933032349_nGreat idea Open Door Ministries!  Thank you for the support!

Many thanks to Scott Gibson.  Scott, also a Bethel veteran, is the manager of  Towne Air Freight.    He donates Mission: Mobility the  space to store and load the equipment in their warehouse!

20140922_082114Robby Wheeler,  Scott Graves, Chris Mooney,  Brad Clark

Robby Wheeler was also there.  Robby, I just met this weekend.  Ultimately he could be credited for my connection to Bethel and then Mission: Mobility!    Robby and his wife led a Louisville team to Guatemala & Bethel in 2009.  Much like a great oak tree,   this first group has branched  out and taken root over a great area.   Teams from Murray Kentucky,  several teams from Louisville and individuals from MANY other  states are now veterans of serving with Bethel in Guatemala  as a result of that first trip.

 Psalm 1:3  

That person is like a tree planted by streams of water,
    which yields its fruit in season
and whose leaf does not wither—
    whatever they do prospers as a result of this Branching!

Last and DEFINITELY not least,   Holly Clark and my wife Annette were there keeping us all going with big smiles and encouraging words and carrying equipment into the ever filling container!  Thank you Ladies!  Brad and I are both extremely BLESSED to have you working alongside us as we continue to manage and grow this ministry of Mission: Mobility.  Your input and involvement is INVALUABLE!!

20140922_114946Brad & Holly Clark,  Annette & Rick Fulton

As we have made it a tradition, after we loaded the last item on the packed container,  we took a few moments as Brad prayed over the equipment!  A prayer of speedy travel and a prayer to BLESS the equipment.  A blessing that it will Truly TRANSFORM the lives they touch….both physically and SPIRITUALLY!

Thank you all who made this load possible!


Murray chairs arrive

Murray chairs arrive

On Monday, Tim Fortner from Murray, KY drove to Louisville to drop off equipment collected by several people. I want to thank Tim for going above and beyond in getting this equipment to me. He rented a U-Haul and made the long journey.


I was excited that all of these wheelchairs, walkers and crutches arrived now. We are planning on shipping a container to Guatemala on September 22nd. I am still short on chairs, so the timing is perfect.

Also, these chairs were the first to get the new Mission Mobility stickers. Some day while in Guatemala, you may look down and see one of these at a distribution.


A special thanks to Tim/June, Roger/Belinda, Kim/Stephen, Ben/Britteny who all played a part in the collection. You all made a difference.

This upcoming container will have chairs from Jacksonville, FL; Murray, KY; Louisville, KY and Indianapolis, IN.

Praise God for everyone’s help!!!

Dios Te Bendiga,