“On His Path” is a US 501(c)(3) foundation that works throughout the world to show God’s love by helping those in need.  OHP has committed to help “Mission Mobility” collect wheelchairs to send to Guatemala.  100% of all donations will go directly to this project!

Tax-deductible Donation

It costs approximately $5,000 to ship a container of wheelchairs, pay the Guatemalan Customs fees and applicable taxes.  We need your help in offsetting these costs to get the wheelchairs to the people who so desperately need them.  All donations made to “On His Path” are tax-deductible.  100% of your donation will go to help pay for the shipping of the wheelchairs.  Please consider helping us today!

Donate Today!

Donate Today

NOTE: Your donation will officially be going into the On His Path Medical fund.  In the NOTES section on the OHP donation page,  there is a window to specify where you wish your donation to go.

Please write “MISSION: MOBILITY” or “Wheelchairs” to direct it to Mission: Mobility.

Thank you!

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