Monthly Archives: March 2016

Western Kentucky

Greetings from the west side of Kentucky,

As another year begins, we start it off with gathering new and old members to form three teams that will be once again blessed to serve alongside Bethel Ministries International in Guatemala. Our teams usually go in June or July, so this is when we also start our fundraising. There is no better way to start off the year right than by gathering a group of people, who are not all familiar with one another, that will share the love of Christ in many ways with one another, donors, family, friends, and the wonderful people of Guatemala. There are so many aspects in being able to do a short term mission trip, and every one of those is just an avenue to share how God is working in your life.

For some of us, who have served with Mooney family, one week just doesn’t seem like enough time. Their love, compassion, and energy witnessed firsthand is something that stays with you and changes everyone for the better. After returning back to the states, we look for something to stay connected and help them. This is why Mission Mobility is so important to not only BMI, but to us as well. Of course, the most important need that MM fulfills is the gift of mobility. It also allows us to help BMI, even though we are thousands of miles away. It helps us stay connected to those we served with on our mission trip. We also connect with others from different cities and states that have served. MM gives a purpose to those who just want to help. For volunteers who want to be able to an impact globally and in their own community, MM is a great ministry to be a part of.

God has opened many doors for us here in our area. We have been able to make some really good contacts with local hospitals and medical equipment companies that have been generous enough to include MM at the top of their donation lists. One hospital has three non-profits that they donate to, and that list is in this order: 1. MM 2. Habitat for Humanity 3. Salvation Army. The donations are increasing little by little. The more these places see us around and see who the chairs are going to, we believe we will continue to be shown favor. We have been able to take several trips to see Brad in Louisville with trucks and trailers full of wheelchairs, and we’ve even caught Rick passing through and loaded his truck.

This past Christmas, we were honored to have Saul and Hannah Chopen from BMI, and their children Joshua and Havilah, visit us for a few days. While visiting in Madisonville, we were giving them a tour of the local hospital warehouse, where we receive and store our donations. As we were walking Hannah noticed there was a hyperbaric chamber stored amongst many other equipment and office items that were to be donations. She informed us that BMI has plans for the near future to open a pressure sore clinic. The clinic is a tremendous need in Guatemala due to the fact that so many people suffer or pass away from pressure sores. The hyperbaric chamber would be able to help speed the process of recovery of the pressure sores and help save many lives. If she hadn’t informed us of all this, we wouldn’t have known that it was a need, let alone what a hyperbaric chamber was. We are happy to say, MM now has a hyperbaric chamber, and when BMI is ready for it, with God’s guidance, we will figure out a way to get it to the new clinic.

We would like to encourage those who volunteer with MM to keep up the good work. We are blessed to be a part of this ministry and look forward to continuing serving alongside you. For those who have donated, thank you for giving someone a chance for a new life. With Him, all things are possible.


Murray/Madisonville, KY Mission Mobility Volunteers