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This past spring, I was truly humbled and blessed!  Annette and I went to pick up a donated wheelchair ,a  mom had  answered a call for equipment I put out on Facebook.

Meet Jaden.


Jaden is seven years old – a first grader. He was born with Spina Bifida. Jaden’s mom said they wanted to donate his old equipment, but he had a hard time letting go of it, because it had been such a big part of his life, and he was quite attached. So, I suggested she and Jaden look at the BMI website ( . This would allow Jaden to see ‘who’ his chair might help, and also see the children in Guatemala that have already been helped.…. And Jaden watched.

When we arrived, we were introduced to Jaden… a bright, energetic and engaging young man. He showed us his current wheelchair, and all the neat things he could do in it. He was fast, and agile, and independent, and free. His personality was like sunshine… and he shared this with me…..”I looked at the website….it looks like they really need this stuff”  “I think they are really going to like the Spiderman sticker on the back!”. What a special little guy!!

Bottom line in meeting Jaden…..

I have been humbled when serving at a distribution in Guatemala.   I have also now been really humbled collecting equipment for distribution!

Jaden’s bright spirit and attitude was truly inspiring! The huge blessing was that it took our collection efforts to such a PERSONAL level!  Until now,  MOST of the chairs we have collected have been from Hospitals and Nursing homes, or friends that indirectly acquired them. Quite often we collected several at a time.  I now realized that we have literally collected hundreds of chairs, almost Anonymously.   That evening we were blessed  by truly sharing the mission with an awesome little 7 year old boy who PERSONALLY donated his chair! And we were the ones that were truly blessed!    A few months later,   some Guatemalan Child was blessed by Jaden’s equipment!   (I will bet he/she also thought the Spiderman sticker was pretty cool!)

Thanks Jaden!

Proverbs 22:9. Blessed are those who are generous

Dios te Bendiga Jaden!




Dumpster Diving with Dori!

If you are like me, when you hear the name Dori, you immediately think of the Disney movie where the little fish said, “Hi, my name is Dori!”.  Well, this has nothing to do with Disney…or a fish.

The other day, I stopped at a gas station to get a Gatorade and bottle of water.  I was wearing my Mission Mobility t-shirt that says, “Got wheelchairs?”  Well, it had the desired effect.  I heard a woman ask, “What does your t-shirt mean?”  I turned around and saw a woman pointing at my shirt.  I introduced myself, and she said her name was Dori.  When I explained that I collected wheelchairs for Guatemala, she enthusiastically said, “I can help!  I’m a dumpster diver!!!”  She asked if I had a card.  She said she had another friend who dumpster dives all the time and finds wheelchairs and walkers, and always wonders if there is a better thing to do with them than throw them away.  I gave her one of my Mission Mobility cards I had made and she was excited.

As I was leaving the store, she came up to me and told me here story of how she got to Louisville.  Emotionally, it was a hard story to hear, as she has had a very difficult life.  I felt like I was in Guatemala hearing one of the many family stories we hear when we visit.  I asked her if she wanted my new bottle of water.  She said she definitely would love it since she was really thirsty.

As I walked away, she said, “Hey, do you ever contact scrap yards?  They probably get a lot of wheelchairs.”  That was a great idea.  Actually, I have been told that by Rick Fulton.  Must be good advice…Dori agreed with him! 🙂

Even in the midst of her difficult life, Dori was trying to find a way to help other people.  I am thankful God brought her into my path.  It all happened because I was wearing a t-shirt that asked a simple question…”Got wheelchairs?”  Maybe we should wear these every day!!!

Dios te Bendiga,