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Inventory Day

Inventory day: (Iowa)

Saturday March 29, a group of volunteers gathered at the loading warehouse. Thanks again to Ryan and Shannon Walker for allowing us to invade their Syngenta Seed warehouse for a week or so to inventory and eventually load the container!

We had a fun morning of doing inventory of all the equipment. The detailed information is then listed on the shipping manifest.

Thank you all for volunteering! Women-Inventory


couple-inventorywalkers-icrutchesfootrest-couplegroup-inventoryWe all expected a morning of just doing inventory.

When we think we have everything figured out, God reminds us that He has other plans.

Two of the ladies volunteering noticed a gentleman walking near the warehouse. They reached out to him. In the end, a group of the volunteers ended up praying with this man to lift him up in a family situation he was struggling with. Thank you to Rochelle and Jan for being obedient and doing as we are CALLED and reaching out to those in need!

It was a GREAT morning

Update on Container

Next Monday the container gets loaded and shipped to Guatemala.

In an effort to top off the load, we have been following up on some last minute donations.

Chairs in garageIt has been a good day!

Much equipment was collected. 5 power chairs, 15 manual chairs and a bunch of other items ,

Trailer with chairsTwo new partners added to the list of drop-off locations!

Network partnerThe network is growing!

I met with an amazing ministry today. Seeds4seniors. This ministry reaches out to the elderly in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. They are serving in so many ways. A food pantry, a community garden, a medical equipment lending library, food delivery to the elderly, a thrift store and now a partner in our Mission: Mobility Network. It was a real blessing to meet Pastor Jim Coyle and the awesome volunteers in this ministry! They are doing so much to Serve their community.

As we pick up each piece of equipment, I think about how this wheelchair or walker will help TRANSFORM a life!

Thank you all for helping to “connect and collect”.

Dios Te Bendiga,


Clothes for the container

More donated items hauled to the loading facility today! John with bale of clothes

This “bale” of clothing was donated to On His Path’s “Mission: Mobility” to be shipped on the container to Bethel Ministries International in Guatemala. It weighed 1,100 pounds!!

DeRuyter with womanThe donors, Bonnie & Steve DeRuyter from NW Iowa, are a couple who have a huge heart for Bethel Ministries International and the people of Guatemala. They have been serving on mission trips with Bethel for several years.

Waco High groupThe Waco High School 4+1 Volunteerism group and MD Orthopedics employees helped sort and box the clothes. This will be a huge blessing to Bethel to have the clothing all sorted and ready for distribution!

blog-4Once sorted, we had 5 pallets of clothes all boxed and ready to go! Also with the bale were 160 donated backpacks that will be a blessing for the school kids that Bethel supports!

Thank you Steve and Bonnie for the donations and thank you to all who helped sort the clothes!

Ultimately, these clothes will be distributed to the needy in Guatemala when mission teams are serving with Bethel.

Guatemala moms with clothes “ Suppose a brother or sister is without clothes and daily food. If one of you says to him, ‘Go, I wish you well; keep warm and well fed,’ but does nothing about his physical needs, what good is it?” —James 2:15,16

Little girl with clothes

We are all On His Path!

Dios te Bendiga



Iowa collection

Posted by Rick Fulton

Last Saturday was a fun day!  We have accumulated equipment in my “corn crib” at the farm since we loaded the last container in September. I actually lost count and didn’t realize how much equipment we had!!!

Iowa equipment and volunteers

Some local volunteers joined us to move the equipment to a warehouse for loading. Ryan Walker, a good friend who has a “Syngenta Seed” business, was generous to lend us his warehouse last summer for staging and loading the last container. In the summer, a seed warehouse is EMPTY. In the spring, it is FULL of seed to be delivered to the area farmers for spring planting. I ASSUMED that his warehouse wouldn’t be an option for this load. I stopped by to visit him. He said, ”I will make room for the wheelchairs”. He added, “I’m not doing this for you Rick, I’m doing it for the Lord…this is really HIS warehouse!” Ryan truly has a heart for missions, and we sincerely appreciate his support! Thank you Ryan!

So, Saturday we hauled 4 trailers (6×12) and 5 pickup loads of equipment to the warehouse. It was a huge load of blessings for the people that Bethel Ministries International serves in Guatemala!

Our next “event” will occur this Saturday, March 29. We are inviting volunteers to come in from 8-12. We will do a complete inventory. The manifest for the container will contain a serial number from each wheelchair, crutch set and walker. The boxes of parts will be inventoried and listed on the manifest as well. While it sounds like a daunting task, it is actually quite fun. It is a great opportunity for groups and individuals to get together to SERVE! It is also a good opportunity for High School students to get “Silver Chord” volunteer hours!


WALKER Syngenta Seed warehouse
1575 west 5th street
Washington, Iowa

The old saying “Many Hands make Light Work” came to mind. Wondering if it POSSIBLY was a scripture, I started looking. While it is not, it is a great saying. It is a famous quote from John Heywood, a noted poet, musician and composer. In looking for relate-able scripture, my favorite is:

Matthew 9:37 “ the harvest is plenty and the laborers are few”.

Well, the wheelchair harvest has definitely been plenty, and I know that by the time Saturday gets here, the laborers will be many. Please Join us in serving.

Thank you.


Ps. Another opportunity will be on Monday the 31st. At 9 am we will be loading the container! Please pray that it has a speedy, uneventful journey. Bethel’s inventory is nearly depleted. The need is great and they desperately need these chairs!

PPS. Please join us to inventory this Saturday (March 29th) from 8-12:

WALKER Syngenta Seed warehouse
1575 west 5th street
Washington, iowa

Welcome to the Network

Group of Volunteers

We are so thankful you have stopped by to learn more about the network of volunteers who connect and collect wheelchairs. Our prayer is that you are inspired to be a part of our network of friends.

Please pass this site on to your friends and family.  You never know who might be interested in donating items or volunteering their time.


Mission Mobility Network