Monthly Archives: January 2016

New Connections!

I had a good surprise today! God is always throwing fun curve-balls in this game, just to keep it interesting!

We received an unexpected monetary donation today.   Totally out of the blue…from a total stranger…a guy in Maine! Cool! His donation included a phone number, email and a note saying he had 2 wheelchairs he wanted to donate! Wow!
First thought through my mind (After “COOL”) was, “HOW FAR AWAY IS MAINE?” Google says 1434 miles!

MARK 10:27: With God, ALL things are possible!

I emailed him, after which, I received a phone call.
Our new friend saw a PSA (public service announcement) we did on a Christian hunting show – Final Descent Outdoors He went to our website and decided to donate!

Now for logistics….. Long story short, he said he would work out a way through some contacts he has to get them to our friends in Vermont. He said, “if I can’t get that done, maybe I will just deliver them to you in Iowa next fall when I go to South Dakota to pheasant hunt! So if you see a suburban pull in, it’s me!”

Its stuff like that, and all of you who collect, and the stories you relay to me that makes this whole thing so fun!