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Pennsylvania Container 12/08/2014

Pennsylvania Container 12/08/2014

We have much to be thankful this Holiday season.   One such blessing is that Mission: Mobility has shipped it’s 4th container for 2014!    2 from Iowa, 1 from Louisville, and today from Pennsylvania.

Our group in West Springfield, Pa (NW ) is led by Debbie Hills.    Darren Brown from our group in  Lancaster, Pa (SW)  took a crew up to help with the loading.

The following is from Debbie……


Good Afternoon Everyone,

I bring good news! The container of wheel chairs and adaptive equipment is loaded and on it’s way to Guatemala. It’s a truly amazing thing that happens when folks take the time to listen to God and then do what they are called to do. When each one brings what they have and lays it at the feet of Jesus, amazing things are possible.
That’s exactly what happened over the past few months. A full container, 40X10x10 feet was loaded in just about 90 minutes this morning. We had ministry partners in the Mission: Mobility network from Lancaster PA come up to help, along with faithful servants from All God’s Children Ministries, and a really great fork lift driver from Chosen Ministries, and some folks from Summit UMC all come together to get the job done. This was, of course, after many people brought one or two, or a truckload of wheelchairs to us over the past few months. The storage space at Chosen Ministries and all their help was a huge part of this as well.  Then there were those who took the time to inventory all the equipment and those who prayed for the work, and passed the word, and so many others. Thanks also to the communications network of the WPA United Methodist Church for helping to get the word out.
As we finished up packing the last things into the container we took time to snap a picture of the loading crew. (A couple of our workers left before the final picture though). Perhaps the most important part of the morning was stopping for a word of prayer before we closed and locked the container. We prayed for everyone in the Mission: Mobility connection who are working hard to resource Bethel Ministries International, for the driver of the truck, for Chris and Donna Mooney there in Guatemala who will receive the container, but most of all for all those who will receive help and hope in the form of a wheel chair, walker, or other equipment. We prayed that they will see just how much God loves them and that they might come to faith or renew their faith in the one true hope that can only be found in Jesus the Christ.
As we move through Advent, it is my hope that we can each find renewed hope and strength for the work God is calling us to. As we prepare to welcome the Christ Child again this year, let us continue to serve the risen Christ in all we do.
I’m attaching a few pictures of the morning’s work. Thanks to each and every one who helped make this shipment possible.
It was a great day to serve the Lord!

AMEN to that Debbie!    Many thanks to you and all those who had a part in this collection and loading effort.  We ask for prayers for this load to reach Guatemala quickly and without complications.  We pray that this equipment helps to TRANSFORM the lives of those that receive it.    A transformation both physically and SPIRITUALLY!