Inventory Day

Inventory day: (Iowa)

Saturday March 29, a group of volunteers gathered at the loading warehouse. Thanks again to Ryan and Shannon Walker for allowing us to invade their Syngenta Seed warehouse for a week or so to inventory and eventually load the container!

We had a fun morning of doing inventory of all the equipment. The detailed information is then listed on the shipping manifest.

Thank you all for volunteering! Women-Inventory


couple-inventorywalkers-icrutchesfootrest-couplegroup-inventoryWe all expected a morning of just doing inventory.

When we think we have everything figured out, God reminds us that He has other plans.

Two of the ladies volunteering noticed a gentleman walking near the warehouse. They reached out to him. In the end, a group of the volunteers ended up praying with this man to lift him up in a family situation he was struggling with. Thank you to Rochelle and Jan for being obedient and doing as we are CALLED and reaching out to those in need!

It was a GREAT morning