A Monsoon!

A Monsoon!

Laura Story wrote the song “Blessings.”  The one line says “What if your Blessings come through raindrops………”

Well, the sun was shining in Iowa yesterday. Or should I say the “SON” was shining, because we had a MONSOON of Blessings!

We had an amazing group of volunteers come to help load the container. The 3rd container that On His Path has sent to Bethel Ministries in 18 months!

Group loading containerWe loaded:

  • 124 wheelchairs,
  • 86 boxes of donated clothing (sorted)
  • 160 donated backpacks for the schoolchildren
  • 42 canes
  • 103 walkers
  • 62 sets of crutches
  • 50 boxes of wheelchair parts and medical supplies
  • 9 power wheelchairs/scooters

Inside container


Loading container

Container loadThe trailer was rather full!

We got EVERYTHING on…..except for 2 lonely wheelchairs. Everyone asked, “what will you do with those two?” I said” I will just put them in the shed and they will be seed for the next crop of wheelchairs!”

Container truckNow for the Journey:

  1. This container will travel from Washington Iowa to Chicago
  2. It will be transferred onto a train and shipped to a port in New York
  3. The next step is to be loaded onto a ship
  4. The estimated cargo ship’s departure is April 8
  5. It is due into port in Guatemala April 21
  6. It will probably take a week to clear customs
  7. Then it will be loaded back onto wheels and delivered by truck to Bethel Ministries

Please pray it makes it there with no delays!

Equipment on this load was from South Carolina, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Nebraska and Iowa.

Many willing volunteers spent time collecting, transporting, doing inventory and finally loading the equipment. Many thanks to EVERYONE who was a part of this container.

Thank you all!