Pieces of the Puzzle

Pieces of the Puzzle

God has amazing ways of putting pieces of a puzzle together. Sometimes He shows us a piece of the puzzle that we had no idea existed.

A couple weeks ago Mission: Mobility had several unexpected (but very welcomed) pieces added to the puzzle

First, I received a phone call from an old friend, Tom, in Wisconsin. Not old in the sense of age, but a colleague from a job 28 years ago.

We were sales reps for an Ag Chemical company and we worked and golfed and fished together and were good friends. However, with job changes and such, we haven’t talked since that time. However, we did stay in contact and observe each other’s lives via the annual Christmas card letters. Then, along came Facebook. We connected via the Social media monster. Over the past 4 years, we have watched each other’s lives vicariously through the portal of updates and photos of family and travel experiences. Through the Christmas cards and Facebook, it was obvious that my old friend was a man of God and has raised an awesome Godly family! Cool!!!

Then I get a phone call. It opened with, “Hey old buddy, this is Tom, color in Wisconsin on your map, Mission: Mobility has a partner up here.” I knew that voice from the “Hey old buddy”! Praise God for old friends and Believers who Serve! We visited for over an hour. Barely discussing “the old days”. The conversation flowed through family and faith experiences. He was anxious to serve!

Ephesians 6:7 (NIV) Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people.

Same day, I get am email from Donna Mooney from Bethel Ministries International in Guatemala. (our partner who distributes the wheelchairs) She forwarded me an email from a guy in Helena Montana who had some collected equipment. I emailed him immediately, and my phone rang within minutes of sending the email. COOL!

It was our new friend in Helena Montana, Roger.


Unlike MOST of the Mission: Mobility connections, Roger had never served with Bethel Ministries. He knew NONE of the current partners. However he had been to Guatemala. Roger was out walking (in Helena) one afternoon and noticed several “apparently discarded wheelchairs and walkers at a local Rehab center.” He spoke with the director and said that the equipment was headed for the landfill. Not knowing what he would do with them, but knowing they had a better destination, he asked the director if he could have them. She said, “absolutely!” Roger thought….”that was nice, but now what was I going to do with them”.

Roger began to think that he knew of wheelchairs being distributed in Guatemala. In comes GOOGLE. After searching on the Internet, Roger found Bethel Ministries and then our Mission: Mobility website. He ultimately connected with Mission: Mobility!

After a wonderful visit, Roger agreed to be a Mission: Mobility Network Partner in Montana. He has put the chairs in storage and we are working on logistics. Will they travel to Iowa? Will they travel to Salt Lake City to our partner there? Maybe God will reveal more partners for Roger in Montana and we can collect more equipment and ship them directly from Montana. God knows.

I am confident that the Holy Spirit put Roger on that walking path to see that equipment! He wasn’t looking for them…like we are constantly! He was called, not knowing why or what!

Psalm 91:15 (NIV) He will call on me, and I will answer him.

A couple days later, get a call from a nursing home in a little town in Northern Iowa. The director was referred to us by someone in my area who had donated equipment. I thanked our new friend and donor and said we would work on getting the equipment picked up (this is 3 hours from where I live). So, next I go in the house and tell my wife (Annette) about the new donation in NE Iowa. Then I said, “I wonder if this would be something that is logistically possible for Tom in Wisconsin to pickup.” LITERALLY WITHIN MINUTES, my phone made it’s customary loon sound that indicates a received email. It was a note from Tom in Wisconsin. It started with a greeting, followed by a blurb how he has been sending out flyers and talking to people to find equipment, then….. “I’m still waiting for my first “come pick up some equipment” call; but I’m most confident in the Guy in charge (God) to have things happen when it’s meant to be.”

WOW! I emailed him back with the response….”ask and ye shall receive, buddy”.

Tom said, this was in his territory and he would gladly pick them up soon. COOL!

Tom & his truck

God is pretty darn good at putting puzzles together!

I am anxious to see what is next! Cool!

Rick FultonMission: Mobility Volunteer and Collections Coordinator (volunteer)

We have been blessed with the rapid expansion of the Mission: Mobility Network. Currently, we have official volunteer/collection groups in 15 states. Several more unofficially! God has been good in putting this all together! Our last container, shipped on March 30 arrived at Bethel Ministries on May 19. The need continues to be great, so we are pressing forward in our search for equipment. We anticipate on sending containers from Iowa and Kentucky yet this year. There is inventory accumulating at other centers and it would be AWESOME if we could ship a few more from other states! Please join us in praying for successful collections. Thank you for your support! Please visit our website to see how you can help!