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Claudia’s new chair!

(followup to But then God….   by Annette Fulton)

A few weeks prior to this trip, we discovered a need for a special wheelchair. A mom we were building a home for had a 10 year old daughter who could not walk and is deaf. This Mama had carried this child, Claudia, everywhere. Also, due to the muscle condition in Claudia’s legs, it was often necessary to comfort her in a special position which often caused her mother to hold her for hours and hours a day. This prevented this single mom from finding work, and also required her older son to forgo his education so he could work in the fields to help the family. This dear child required lots of attention and this dear Mama provided it.

We recently posted a wheelchair need on Facebook. I had many doubts we could find a chair, but God didn’t. Within hours of my post, a chair was found and within days it was delivered to our home to be taken on our trip. Many faithful friends were part of this miracle. I was in awe of God this day! We not only received this speciality chair, but other small children’s chairs in the process.

Excitedly, we transported this chair and another through airports and customs. We couldn’t wait to show Chris (from Bethel Ministries) this amazing chair! Upon arrival, Chris examined the chair and agreed it was amazing, but then our hearts sank. He explained that this incredible chair was desperately needed in Guatemala, but it was unlikely to fit Claudia. This chair was made for a younger child. Disappointed, we consoled ourselves with the knowledge that the chair would certainly bless some child in Guatemala. Claudia would definitely get a chair at the wheelchair distribution, but they may not have the right size yet. We knew Claudia would eventually be given a chair that would suit her needs.

Our first full day in Guatemala was wheelchair distribution day. Chris began the day by praying with the crowd that had gathered in the large, tin-roofed auditorium on that rainy morning. I understood little of what was being said, (as I only know how to smile in Spanish), but it was clear that this was a faithful crowd. Old and young were there, and many had travelled hours to arrive on time. As we lifted our heads from prayer, tears could be seen on their faces, their hands still held together, lifted high as the continued to proclaim, “Dios, Dios”!

This day was not about a team from Iowa, or about a chair we lugged through customs for hours the day before. This day was about God. These people had not yet even received a chair but they were praising and thanking God. Tears began welling in my eyes as I scanned the crowd and spotted Claudia. Her precious mom was also praising the Lord.

This is the rainy season in Guatemala. It is not unusual to receive a downpour for an hour and then the sun returns. This was not that day. Rain continued throughout the morning and afternoon, providing a constant hum on the tin roof in that large building, sometimes loud, but often a low rumble.

Once the teams began the fitting process, the ‘hum’ of the room was not the rain, but the whirl of activity surrounding each fitting. Families gathered around as a team of three to four ensured each component fit the person properly. Seat belts were made and added to chairs, as the rough terrain could easily cause a person to be thrown from their chair. Foot rests were adjusted; seat pads were added to protect the person from sores; and ultimately the team was able to pray with the family. The families then met with a pastor to hear about the Lord and set out to make the journey home.

I anxiously awaited Claudia’s family being called up. Her dear mom, Angelica, along with a small friend, waited patiently with her – often shifting Claudia in their laps to make her more comfortable. It had been a long day for them, and being amongst a crowd in the city was not normal for this family. IMG_0587

The young girl who accompanied them watched cautiously all day as others around them received chairs. Her tentative look of concern rarely left her face. She was very sober. Angelica also sat with little expression, but would certainly return a gentle smile whenever engaged.

Claudia required a specialized chair, and Bethel had several amazing technicians to carefully fit these needs. These fittings often took a long time, and most other regular chairs had been distributed by the time she was called up. Bethel had a few small chairs that might work for her temporarily, but we also had the chair we brought so they could get an idea of her specific needs. We already knew it was unlikely to fit her, but it was important to get measurements so a perfect chair could be found.

Chris observed as Claudia was placed in this chair.

She was scared and did not want to leave her dear mama’s arms. As she wriggled around, Chris and Saul carefully walked around the chair checking her position from every angle. After a period of time, and a series of measurements and checks, Chris paused and stepped back to take a final look. He paused again and then said,

“You’re not going to believe this… this chair fits her perfectly! It is going to work for Claudia!”

What? What did we just hear? We couldn’t believe it!!! My arms began to tingle, and I had that feeling of awe again. The same feeling I had on the day this chair was discovered. I knew this had nothing to do with us, other than for God to reveal His presence. He is always around, but we often miss Him. I am so grateful He allowed us to witness this. Again, it’s not about us at all, but He does want us to know him. I stood back as Saul adjusted and transformed that chair for Claudia, for her mom and for her family. Their life’s were about to be changed, and so were all of ours who witnessed this.

FullSizeRender 2

Once Claudia was finally placed in the chair and began to roll around her expression changed from fear to joy!! Oh, what a good God we serve!!!


Claudia and her family left the day changed; physically, emotionally and spiritually!


The story doesn’t end here. The very next day a team went to their home to prepare the ground for a new home for this family. We were fortunate to be on this ‘cement slab’ team.

But then….God!

But then….God!

Many will say that social media is a distraction and generally a waste of time, but God can use anything, good or bad, to further His kingdom. In this case, Facebook proved to be an important connection in allowing God to weave this story together.

A few weeks ago, we received the bio’s of the families we will be building homes for. All of these are led by Moms who have either been widowed or abandoned, and are doing their best to care for their children. By ‘best’ I mean that these Mom’s are caring for a family on $2 a day….. in a world where food costs are not that different from our own.

The bio of Angelica Estantzay mentioned that she had 3 children… ‘Rogelio (10) who has never been to school for lack of finances, but instead works in the fields for $1.35 a day to help his mother; Claudia Mariana (10) who is deaf and hasn’t been able to walk since she was a baby – her mother does not know what medical condition she has….. and Sergio Ruben (6) who doesn’t study.

When we read about Claudia, a child that hasn’t walked, we wondered if a wheelchair would help her. The missionaries, Chris and Donna Mooney, confirmed that she probably will need one, but they didn’t currently  have one that small at the Bethel Ministries wheelchair shop. We checked our inventory in Iowa,  and we also did not have one that size.  (we rarely collect the smaller chairs)   We knew we had a container scheduled to ship to Guatemala in August, so we could possibly find one before then and include it on that load…. Or we could pray about it and see if there was any way possible we could deliver it when we build Claudia’s new home.

So, 3 weeks before we leave, a million things to do, hmmm… what are the odds? Honestly, I hesitated pursuing this, as I didn’t think we could find one without a lot of time, effort, coordination, and again, time! So we prayed, and God began making it happen. Rick and I agreed that a Facebook post was a good place to start. We have volunteers all over the country who collect equipment for Mission Mobility. Again, my perspective was if we find one, we can at least put it on the container in August… not believing we could get it all coordinated sooner. We also shared this request on our personal Facebook pages, and things started happening…. quickly!

Like many others, I have Facebook friends who I have never met personally. I glimpse into their lives thru my newsfeed and they into mine. I am a part of a skincare company who use Facebook in incredible ways for its business. A leader within this company, LeAnne, decided to share my post! That was my first notion that God had taken control of this situation. This leader is connected… all over the country and all over the world. My post was at 10:44am, and she posted at 11:04am…. within hours LeAnne was messaging me that she had found a chair! Praise God! We were elated, but this chair was located in southeastern Kentucky. Many hours away, and no connections in that area. LeAnne was actually traveling that day to London -contacting me between flights or whenever she was able. I thanked God for this chair, and LeAnne who had shared this post, and again settled into the belief that it would be put on the next container in August, as I was sure we could somehow have it in our hands by then. In my thoughts, I had too much to do to coordinate getting this sooner – but then…God.

God nudged me at 6:44pm to post another request on Facebook seeing if anyone could transport this chair a bit closer to us. I honestly didn’t want to do it. In my thoughts, we would probably spend days getting this closer, with many more posts and requests and emails and time… I had settled into what “I” thought would happen.

But then…God!

Within 7 minutes of my post, Rick receives a phone call from a ‘neighbor’ Loree. (Loree and her husband Kenny live in our little town of Crawfordsville, and Kenny is a key person in a men’s bible study that Rick hosts.) Loree saw my post on Facebook and happen to be in that exact town that day!!! They were vacationing in an area within miles of this chair!! Yes, Lord… Yes, Lord… Yes, Yes, Lord. Not my plan, but His.

This chair was delivered to our doorstep within days of that first request on Facebook. Not only that, but several other chairs were found due to those Facebook posts also. We will be transporting 2 child chairs with us when we travel in a few days.  The donor of this chair is a lovely family in Kentucky, who have already connected us to more equipment for future containers. Their daughter used this chair for a time, and by sharing, it will be helping another child AND Mom receive independence!  Praise God for these lovely people!

I thank God for others who follow Gods nudging… by sharing posts, or calling when they see they can help. I praise God for his provision, despite my unbelief. Mark 9 6:23-25 “If you can”?” said Jesus. “Everything is possible for one who believes.”  Immediately the boy’s father exclaimed, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!”

Thank you for praying us thru this trip. We cannot wait to share with you when Claudia gets her new chair.

(check back for updates on this!)




Saul  Chopen from Bethel Ministries in Guatemala spent this week in Iowa. He worked with the design team at MD Orthopaedics to design an affordable, adjustable kids wheelchair.






We rarely find these chairs, and new ones cost over $2,000. They will manufacture them in-house at Bethel’s shop for around $100!

Thank you On His Path and MD Orthopaedics for the support of Bethel Ministries International!

Saul not only worked,  he enjoyed taking in a little fun, Iowa-style.








It was great seeing Saul again!

We look forward to seeing you again!

Adios Amigo!  Dios te Bendiga


Ecclesiastes 4:9-10
Two are better than one because they have a good return for their labor. For if either of them falls, the one will lift up his companion. But woe to the one who falls when there is not another to lift him


P.E.T. carts

Praise God for new partners!

Posted by Rick Fulton

We had an opportunity to work with a local ministry today.

It all started when Mission: Mobility volunteer Debbie Hills in Pennsylvania put us onto a need that Bethel had.  Debbie indicated that Bethel was seeing a need for some of these. Also the need to repair some that were already in the area.

P.E.T. Carts. (Personal Energy Transportation).


These PET carts are cool little carts that are peddled by hand. It provides mobility for many across the world.
PET International is based in Columbia Missouri. They have 20+ branches across the country.
The group we met today is in Leighton Iowa.
The focus of PET is to build these units and provide them around the globe to provide mobility to those in need.
The secondary focus is to provide a productive way to SERVE for retired folks across the country.

At Leighton, we were given the grand tour of their facility. An old school building, now the workshop. It was inspiring to see the assembly line type setup they had. They hand build and hand paint the wooden body. The metal frames are welded by local farmers in their shops. Then the metal pieces are taken to a local machinery manufacturer who paints them, for free.
Each cart is them assembled, tested, then disassembled. They are then boxed and prepared for shipment.

These dedicated volunteers work 2 days a week. Last year, this group built 550 carts. Many go to Africa and Haiti. They have a container full order destined for Haiti to go out in a few weeks.

Today, John Mitchell from On His Path and I picked up 7 adult carts. These were actually assembled, tested and boxed today!




(John test driving an adult PET cart)
We also got 3 kid carts. These were actually produced in the Columbia Missouri facility.


(A kids PET cart)


It was a blessing to visit PET International today!

I love their mission statement. It reminds me of our mission!



New Partners!

New partners!

Praise God for new friends! New partners.
One of the huge blessings I receive volunteering for Mission: Mobility, is the opportunity to meet so many awesome people! This week was no exception!

Annette and I had scheduled a trip to Long Beach California to visit family. We truly had NO schedule or long list of things we had to see or do. But, God decided to add a couple great items on our itinerary.

image(A little different view than the cornfields of Iowa!)

2 days before leaving for So Cal, I was looking at Bethel’s Facebook page, wondering where the current team was from. Soon thereafter, my whatsapp beeped. (It is an app on my phone that allows me to text directly with Chris and Donna at Bethel……a great tool!)
The message was from Donna. She asked who I had mentioned was a possible contact to store wheelchairs in Huntington Beach California. (Annette’s brother). She asked, because the current team was from Huntington Beach! She also indicated they were fired up to start collecting equipment! Needless to say, I was excited!


I responded to Donna, “when do they return back to Cali?” Her response was “Wednesday!” (The day we departed for Long Beach/Huntington Beach)

So, apparently God had our schedule open for a reason! Monday, Annette and I had a meeting to discuss Mission: Mobility with new friends. It was great meeting Chris Murray and Kirby Wood! They told us about their recent trip and how their church has taken teams to Bethel many times over the years. They also shared how they were especially impacted during the wheelchair distributions. They knew that they needed to help Bethel’s wheelchair mission by helping collect!

Kirby also had a giant smile on his face as he told us all, “collecting for Mission: Mobility and Bethel was definitely meant to be!  As I was coming to this meeting, there was an abandoned wheelchair waiting for me in the alley behind my house! ”  (how’s that for a Godly confirmation!)


We welcome Chris and Kirby and Christ Pacific Church as our newest members of the Mission: Mobility team! If you know anyone in the LA area who might be a connection, we now have the volunteers! Praise the Lord!


After our coffee meeting, we scheduled a time to meet another contact. Frank lives south of Huntington Beach about 30 minutes. He came up to Huntington to finally meet face to face. I first started talking with Frank last Fall. In mid harvest, I received an email followed by a phone call. Frank believed God had guided him to us.

In his career as an immigration attorney, Frank has come to know many clients who were from Guatemala. Over time, working with the Guatemalans, he felt drawn to go to Guatemala to see, first hand the land of these strong, hopeful, resilient people. He spent a week with a contact who took him to the huts and homes similar to those we work with when SERVING with Bethel. He even recalled, in hindsight, going to Bethel to pick up a wheelchair for one of the people they helped.

Frank told how he returned home, his curiosity satisfied. He now could understand his clients from Guatemala a little better. Turn a page, back to life.
3 years pass. His trek to Guatemala, but a memory, not in the forefront of his mind, he is awakened in the night hearing “Guatemala, Wheelchairs!” He looked around, his wife was sound asleep, no radio, no TV!   Apparently, God was trying to tell him something!   He went to his computer and did a search regarding Guatemala and wheelchairs.  His search produced Bethel Ministries International and Mission: Mobility!   It was then that he contacted us.

A few weeks ago I heard from Frank, he is now wanting to join a team to experience a mission trip with Bethel, and to experience a wheelchair distribution event.  We are working to pair him up with a team to provide that opportunity.

As with all of our volunteers across the country,  we are so thankful for you all!   Thankful for all you do to SERVE the Lord through collecting wheelchairs with Mission: Mobility!    It is an honor and privilege to work with you all!  Many, we have met.  We look forward to meeting the rest of you someday.  However, most I feel a great connection, because I am very thankful for our technology of today.   Cell phones, email and Facebook make this world much smaller!

Thank you all  for following God’s call to join our efforts!

1 Peter 4:10 As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace:

Guest Blogpost

Guest Blogpost

Thank you to Penne Smith from Iowa. She recently returned from a week serving with Bethel. She, her husband and 3 daughters had a great week serving those in need in Guatemala. Their first such experience. Thank you for sharing Penne!


“Therefore if you have any encouragement from being united with Christ, if any comfort from his love, if any common sharing in the Spirit, if any tenderness and compassion, then make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and of one mind. Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves…” Philippians 2:1-3 (NIV)

Our first full day in Guatemala was spent in Chimaltenango helping to distribute wheelchairs to roughly 80 disabled people from the very young (3 years old) to a lady that was 99 years old!   Many had traveled hours to get to the location by carrying their loved one. It was humbling to see their gratitude and patience, some waiting for almost 4 hours for their turn to be fitted! They were so humble, selfless, gracious and thankful. After they were fitted, they would meet with a local pastor who would pray with them and encourage them. It was a great experience for me, as I was able to work on the pediatric specialty chairs to adapt them for the children. I was humbled by the knowledge of Saul, (from Bethel Ministries) who had no formal training in wheelchairs, but by experience and reading text books, as well as taking wheelchairs apart in Bethel’s wheelchair shop (another amazing and humbling place, where many of the employees are in wheelchair themselves!), he had learned how to fit wheelchairs with great skill!! He was so patient with me as I fumbled with my wrench and sockets. Me, the Occupational Therapist, thinking I know wheelchairs… “in humility value others above yourselves…”


image image image image

Guest Blog – Shelly Divido from Jacksonville, Florida


Guest Blog –  Shelly Divido from Jacksonville, Florida.

Thanks for submitting Shelly!

My first trip to Guatemala with Bethel Ministries International was in April 2014. It was such an amazing trip. I cannot say enough about how wonderful the Mooney family and the staff at Bethel is. The love of Jesus truly overflows from each of them. We built a couple houses, did home visits, and a wheelchair distribution. Each project was an amazing experience.


Honestly my first wheelchair distribution was overwhelming. There was so much need. And personally, the only interaction I had with a wheelchair was with my grandma. Fifty to sixty handicapped adults and children traveled who knows how far just to receive a wheelchair that day. Most of these people have had no way to get around other than their faithful family members who would carry them everywhere they needed to go.  And these aren’t just young kids.  Many are older men and woman that have been handicapped their whole lives without ever having the opportunity to be mobile.

image image

Many people in the US have the opportunity to get a wheelchair through insurance. Many people even have an old wheelchair stuffed away in storage. Yet, the only opportunity most Guatemalans have to get a wheelchair are through ministries like Bethel Ministries International. To have the opportunity to lift one of these Guatemalans out of their chair and put them in a wheelchair for the first time, giving them the freedom of mobility was life changing. Joy just overflowed from each one of them. Then to be able to share the gospel with them was just the icing on top. It was overwhelming emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. To see God work through a simple wheelchair that so many of us take for granted left my heart bursting with joy and praise.

Bethel Ministries International has a wheelchair distribution serving 50-70 people almost weekly!   This means that they need wheelchairs!   My husband and I have a ministry in Jacksonville, FL that is blessed to partner with Mission: Mobility to collect wheelchairs to send to Guatemala. With the help of volunteers we were able to collect wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, and much more.


We loaded and shipped a 40 foot container, the first one out of Jacksonville, on April 4, 2016! Praise the Lord! Each item we collected will soon be in the hands of a person in need. Not only will a physical need be met, but it will open up the door for our friends at Bethel to share the gospel and shine light into darkness.

We have been to Guatemala five times since our first trip and leave for our next trip in just a couple weeks. Each time God has done miraculous things at the wheelchair distributions.  We cannot wait to see what He does at the distribution we will be serving at next month!   Mission: Mobility is such a blessing and has made it so easy to collect and ship wheelchairs!   We thank God everyday for these ministries that bring the hope of Jesus to those in need. Get involved! Whether you are collecting wheelchairs, serving at a wheelchair distribution, or simply getting the word out your life will be changed and God will be glorified!

Got wheelchairs?

Serving Him Together,
Shelly Divido
Light of the World Ministries

Walking with a new friend!

Walking with a new friend!


All your collections are a BLESSING! Each and every wheelchair. Each and every walker……

This is a testimonial I received today from Chris Mooney from Bethel Ministries International.

“While working with Bold City Church last week in Coban we visited this wonderful little lady she had received a walker from Bethel. The tag on the side shows it came from Mission: Mobility! She is only able to walk using this walker! Her story is a hard one to take in. Her back is destroyed afters years of being beat up by her husband. She is a widow now for 15 years ..12 years ago she found a new friend. His name… JESUS! He walks with her each day. He will never leave her nor forsake her!”

Jacksonville’s First Container


Wow….what a weekend!

Our Jacksonville (JAX) volunteer group has done an amazing job at collections!   They have been really going after it since September!

12967438_1681214072132663_6083948342378079214_oIt was time to schedule a shipment!

I have been in contact with our friends in JAX for a couple of years now.  They have a couple groups who are veterans of Bethel mission trips.   The Bold City Church  was my first contact….Pastor Jason Masters, specifically.   2 years ago when we first “met”, he was a young pastor who recently was promoted to lead pastor from youth pastor of a tiny church of around 70 people.  Jason had some wheelchairs they had collected and stored in his grandma’s barn.  We arranged pickup of those to go to Brad in Louisville.   I recall praying with Jason on several occasions.  Praying for his new mission as pastor.  I knew one day I wanted to meet him…..

Later that year I started following his friends Harry and Shelly Divido on Facebook.   They were newbie Bethel mission trippers in 2014…..but soon to be veterans!   They have a ministry in JAX called Light of the World Ministries.  (On Facebook they are known as “Street Pastor” and “Light of the World Ministries”.  I encourage you o follow them on Facebook).  Over the last 2 years I have watched their ministry and how it serves the homeless and needy in JAX.   I knew one day I wanted to meet them and experience their ministry.     In 2015 we started communicating about collecting equipment.   They have become the primary Jacksonville face of Mission: Mobility.   And what a BLESSING they are!

So my expectation of meeting my friends would come to be.  The container was scheduled for Monday  April 4.   My schedule allowed me to travel down to aid in inventory and loading of the container.   A bonus, my daughter Taylor, from Ohio was able to join me in the adventure.



My goals for the trip were to help with the container, yes.  But I was very excited to finally meet my friends.

Harry and Shelly met us at the airport.   It was weird….it was like seeing family again.  And we had never met before.  They are family…..brothers and sisters in Christ!


Well, our initial intent was to spend Friday afternoon doing their inventory.  Well, they had it all done!   Wow!  We did go to their storage container and made our game plan for Monday.   I forgot to mention,  I brought them a little something.  A wheelchair to add to their load!  FYI,  you can check a wheelchair as checked luggage….for NO charge.  (Even if it is not for your mobility needs).  That was a fun surprise for them!



Saturday…..we had the wonderful opportunity to experience their ministry.

On Saturday mornings they have “church on the street”.  At these weekly events, they are joined by volunteers.  They provide eggs and donuts and coffee,   a message and prayer to the homeless at Jacksonville Beach.  Truly something I had never experienced before.

It was a very powerful experience.


We had lunch, then went to their weekly afternoon ministry.  The Apartment Outreach.   We traveled to a very poor section of JAX to a subsidized housing complex.   The kids came running!   Wow!   What a ministry!   Many regular volunteers come to love on the kiddos, who probably don’t get a lot of attention, and frankly,  live in some horribly dysfunctional  situations.   We played games, had snacks and then broke into age groups for Bible time.   Again, this entire concept was  totally out of my wheelhouse, but what a blast!    These kids truly loved this ministry!   In many ways, it reminded me of playing with the kiddos in Guatemala.


imageWalking to our hotel room after the event, I especially appreciated a statement from Taylor that was spot on… “Wow, dad.  I thought we were coming to just do inventory and load the container…..this has turned out to be an awesome MISSION TRIP!”  Right on Tay!

Sunday…..I finally had the opportunity to meet Jason.  We went to Bold City Church.   Remember how I said 2 years ago he took the reigns of a church of 70.  Well, Easter Sunday, they had over 1,000 in attendance!   We went to the morning service (another pastor preached), then we went lunch with him.  Again, meeting him was like meeting an old friend, a brother!   Between church and lunch we attended a “class” he presented.  He told of the growth and vision of Bold City Church.  It is evident that the Holy Spirit is leading Jason and his leadership team in their vision!   I am anxious to continue watching the growth!    Sunday evening, we returned to church for the youth service Jason did preach at.  Spot on!   Great service!  The crescendo being a baptism of 20 people!  Very powerful!

12961359_1691904327724867_3908138056074997350_oMonday morning..

Container time.

Our crew was a diverse one!  We had loyal Light of the World volunteers, 2 homeless guys from Saturday, and folks from Bold city church.   Oh, yeah,  one guy who Street Pastor had never met before, but followed their ministry on Facebook……specifically scheduled a trip to Jacksonville to help load the container and meet Harry and Shelly!  How cool!  By the way, he came from the Houston Texas area!

12919901_932375443477765_3778651599048474540_nIt was great!   A diverse group united in a common cause… SERVE!

Harry was a man on a mission.  He was an amazing packer!   He packed so neatly and efficiently, he got the whole load stowed, with room to spare!    I learned a good lesson from this first time container-packer!  Thanks Harry!

12898208_1681248875462516_1470148577027685963_oIn a little over an hour, we loaded 160 wheelchairs, 105 walkers, 80 sets of crutches, canes and a bunch of boxes of wheelchair parts, clothes and 200 donated backpacks!   We also had 4 donated solar panels for the home builds.

A great load of BLESSINGS.

We closed the doors of the container.  But before letting it leave, in Mission: Mobility tradition, we prayed over the container.  Prayers for a quick and uneventful journey.  A prayer that there are no customs delays or charges.  And that the equipment is a tremendous blessing to those who receive it, and their families.   Not just blessings of mobility and independence, but that they see and understand that these chairs didn’t come from a bunch of folks in Florida….they came from a blessing from the Lord!


Harry added his own twist to the blessing….he blessed the container seal with anointing oil!

Thank you to everyone who made this possible!   Thank you Jason, Harry and Shelly for making us feel so welcome.

Until we meet again……


God is Good!

Pennsylvania Container 12/08/2014

Pennsylvania Container 12/08/2014

We have much to be thankful this Holiday season.   One such blessing is that Mission: Mobility has shipped it’s 4th container for 2014!    2 from Iowa, 1 from Louisville, and today from Pennsylvania.

Our group in West Springfield, Pa (NW ) is led by Debbie Hills.    Darren Brown from our group in  Lancaster, Pa (SW)  took a crew up to help with the loading.

The following is from Debbie……


Good Afternoon Everyone,

I bring good news! The container of wheel chairs and adaptive equipment is loaded and on it’s way to Guatemala. It’s a truly amazing thing that happens when folks take the time to listen to God and then do what they are called to do. When each one brings what they have and lays it at the feet of Jesus, amazing things are possible.
That’s exactly what happened over the past few months. A full container, 40X10x10 feet was loaded in just about 90 minutes this morning. We had ministry partners in the Mission: Mobility network from Lancaster PA come up to help, along with faithful servants from All God’s Children Ministries, and a really great fork lift driver from Chosen Ministries, and some folks from Summit UMC all come together to get the job done. This was, of course, after many people brought one or two, or a truckload of wheelchairs to us over the past few months. The storage space at Chosen Ministries and all their help was a huge part of this as well.  Then there were those who took the time to inventory all the equipment and those who prayed for the work, and passed the word, and so many others. Thanks also to the communications network of the WPA United Methodist Church for helping to get the word out.
As we finished up packing the last things into the container we took time to snap a picture of the loading crew. (A couple of our workers left before the final picture though). Perhaps the most important part of the morning was stopping for a word of prayer before we closed and locked the container. We prayed for everyone in the Mission: Mobility connection who are working hard to resource Bethel Ministries International, for the driver of the truck, for Chris and Donna Mooney there in Guatemala who will receive the container, but most of all for all those who will receive help and hope in the form of a wheel chair, walker, or other equipment. We prayed that they will see just how much God loves them and that they might come to faith or renew their faith in the one true hope that can only be found in Jesus the Christ.
As we move through Advent, it is my hope that we can each find renewed hope and strength for the work God is calling us to. As we prepare to welcome the Christ Child again this year, let us continue to serve the risen Christ in all we do.
I’m attaching a few pictures of the morning’s work. Thanks to each and every one who helped make this shipment possible.
It was a great day to serve the Lord!

AMEN to that Debbie!    Many thanks to you and all those who had a part in this collection and loading effort.  We ask for prayers for this load to reach Guatemala quickly and without complications.  We pray that this equipment helps to TRANSFORM the lives of those that receive it.    A transformation both physically and SPIRITUALLY!